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Tiffaney West

Senior Recruiter


Tiffaney West, a Senior Recruiter at Aughdem Recruitment since 2017, boasts a wealth of management experience and a deep understanding of the recruitment process. A graduate from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Tiffaney’s multidisciplinary acumen has proven integral to her impressive career trajectory.

Her professional journey took root in the fast-paced hospitality sector, where she ambitiously took on key roles within one of the country’s largest restaurant groups. Here, she managed a significant $15 million operation and led a team of over 100 employees. Concurrently, Tiffaney pursued her interest in the winery world, obtaining her Sommelier designation. This unique combination of management experience and specialized knowledge in the fine dining realm set the foundation for her future endeavours.

In 2017, Tiffaney brought her unique skillset to Aughdem Recruitment. Her keen understanding of human resource management and talent acquisition quickly distinguished her as a rising star within the company. As a “candidate-centric” recruiter, she places the best interests of the candidates she represents at the forefront, earning her a sterling reputation within the industry.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Tiffaney is a fervent advocate for animal welfare, dedicating her free time to non-profit initiatives that support this cause. Her altruism further highlights her well-rounded personality and dedication to giving back to her community.

When not engaged in her professional or philanthropic endeavours, Tiffaney indulges in her passion for travel, seeking out diverse cultures and landscapes that broaden her perspective and enrich her personal growth.

Tiffaney West’s career is a testament to her unwavering dedication to excellence, her empathetic and effective approach to recruitment, and her commitment to community service. Her unique blend of professional expertise and personal passions makes her an invaluable asset to Aughdem Recruitment.

Recruitment Expertise:

Administration, Hospitality & Tourism and Legal.

Favourite Food:

Dairy Queen blizzard extra Oreo.

Favourite Movie:

Uncle Buck.