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Darnell Chan



Darnell Chan is a dynamic and dedicated Recruiter at Aughdem Recruitment. With a Bachelor of Business Administration from George Brown College, Darnell has forged a path marked by leadership and a deep understanding of diverse industries.

Darnell’s career began in the vibrant world of hospitality, where he assumed several leadership roles with one of the largest restaurant chains in the country. His keen eye for team dynamics and strong managerial skills ensured his consistent success in these positions.

Later, he transitioned to the bustling hospitality sector, stepping into the role of Front Office Manager for the world’s largest hotel chain. Here, Darnell’s aptitude for customer service, operational efficiency, and team leadership further blossomed, making him a valued asset to the organization.

Darnell’s professional journey next led him to the real estate sector, where he served as Director of Operations for a prominent real estate development group. His comprehensive understanding of business operations, coupled with his robust leadership skills, saw him drive considerable success in this role.

In 2022, Darnell brought his wealth of experience to Aughdem Recruitment. As a Recruiter, his diverse industry insights and his deep understanding of organizational dynamics and talent management have been invaluable. He has proven instrumental in identifying top talent and supporting their journey to successful placements.

Beyond his professional achievements, Darnell is an avid proponent of LGBTQ rights. He devotes his free time to several LGBTQ non-profit organizations in the Greater Toronto Area, using his platform to advocate for equality and inclusion. His commitment to social justice is a testament to his character, showing his dedication to creating a more equitable society.

Darnell Chan’s career is characterized by his extensive leadership experience, his successful transition across diverse sectors, and his advocacy for social rights. His broad professional expertise and personal passions align to make him a vital member of the Aughdem Recruitment team.

Recruitment Expertise:

Sales, Tech, Hospitality & Tourism, Marketing and Administration.

Favourite Food:


Favourite Movie:

Mean Girls.