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Maz Artang

Founder and Principal


Maz Artang is the Principal at Aughdem Recruitment, a role he has expertly embraced since founding the company in 2008. After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, Maz began his career in the political arena during the 2000s. There, he made his mark by successfully helping elect Premier Gordan Campbell and the BC Liberal Party (now BC United). Specifically, Maz’s forward-thinking approach led him to supervise their debut social media campaign, a pioneering move in Canadian political history. This groundbreaking effort earned him significant recognition, including features on CBC television and in numerous print and media publications.

Following his political exploits, Maz demonstrated his leadership prowess as a senior executive for a diversified investment group based in the US and Canada. With the group’s varied interests, ranging from real estate development to food and beverage, to hotels, Maz’s influence and strategic guidance proved indispensable.

Continuing his career evolution, Maz stepped into the gaming industry, assuming the role of General Manager for a casino. Noteworthy as the youngest casino General Manager in the country at that time, Maz’s leadership made a significant impact. He championed horse race betting at the facility, lobbying the Mayor and City Council, resulting in a fruitful addition to the casino’s offerings. Moreover, he successfully transformed a struggling operation into a thriving, profitable one.

In 2008, Maz pivoted to create Aughdem Recruitment. Under his stewardship, it has grown into the premier executive search firm in the country. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence have been key to this accomplishment.

In addition to his corporate ventures, Maz has devoted his time to various philanthropic causes. In 2018, he joined the board of the Potluck Society, one of Vancouver’s oldest non-profit organizations. There, he helps provide employment opportunities for individuals facing employment barriers, particularly those from marginalized communities, and individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

More recently, in 2022, Maz took on an advisory role at Tressl, a tech company operating in the US and Canada that automates the land application process for the clean energy, telecoms, and natural resource industries. His expertise and insights continue to make valuable contributions across the board.

During his downtime, Maz maintains a keen interest in politics, enjoys traveling, and indulges his passion for movies. His journey continues to be one of inspired leadership and impactful contributions across various sectors. Maz Artang’s career exemplifies a blend of successful business endeavours, pioneering initiatives, and community involvement, showcasing his remarkable versatility and commitment to professional and social development.

Recruitment Expertise:

Executive Search, Public Sector & Government, Finance, Marketing and Tech.

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Big Daddy.