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Delilah Jones

Chief Barking Officer


Delilah Jones, affectionately known as Aughdem Recruitment’s Chief Barking Officer, has paw-sitively transformed office life since she enthusiastically padded through our doors in 2019. Initially joining the team as the Napping Coordinator, she was quickly promoted to her current position, due to her uncanny ability to create a lively, tail-wagging environment.

Delilah didn’t jump for the promotion right away. However, after a persuasive negotiation involving numerous belly rubs, doggie treats, and squeaky toys, she eventually accepted, bringing a new level of morale and ‘pawsitivity’ to the office.

In her role as Chief Barking Officer, Delilah ensures that everyone in the office is kept on their toes, or should we say, paws! She’s also responsible for making sure our environment is always vibrant and alert, with the help of her random barks at passing cars and Amazon delivery drivers.

When not contributing to the fun and lively office atmosphere, Delilah enjoys leading investigations into the whereabouts of the office’s disappearing treats and indulging in her favourite pastime: napping. Her commitment to nap-time remains unwavering and is a firm reminder to all team members about the importance of work-life balance.

In essence, Delilah Jones has become an essential part of the Aughdem team, and her presence reminds us daily that sometimes, you just need to take a paws and appreciate the little things. Here’s to our favorite four-legged team member!

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Lady and the Tramp