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Barinder Rasode

Advisor, Local Government


Barinder Rasode, serving as Advisor for Local Government at Aughdem Recruitment, is an influential leader with a robust portfolio of public service and entrepreneurial accomplishments. Her extensive experience in government, health care, female empowerment, and environmental solutions contributes to her unique and valuable perspective in her advisory role.

Barinder’s journey in public service began as a City Councillor for the City of Surrey, the second largest city in British Columbia. In this role, she was responsible for overseeing a budget of 3 billion and advocating for over 500 thousand citizens, demonstrating her exceptional leadership and fiscal management skills.

During her tenure as a public servant, she also sat on the Board of Directors for Fraser Health, serving a population of 1.6 million people with an operating budget of 3.3B. Here, she further exemplified her ability to govern with empathy and responsibility, ensuring the health and wellness of a large community.

In addition to her roles in government and healthcare, Barinder is a passionate advocate for female empowerment. She founded SheTalks, an initiative focused on uplifting female leaders and fostering empowerment in today’s rapidly evolving world. Her commitment to social change reflects her dedication to building an equitable society.

Her entrepreneurial journey is equally remarkable. Barinder co-founded Have Life, a publicly traded company, showcasing her business acumen and strategic thinking. Today, she is the Co-Founder of Tersa, a North American based solutions-provider for the mining industry. Tersa aims to address the environmental impacts of mining, focusing on acid rock drainage treatment, reducing carbon intensity of waste remediation, and advancing metals recovery. Her commitment to sustainable solutions testifies to her forward-thinking mindset.

Barinder Rasode’s career is a testament to her diverse experience, effective leadership, and dedication to both social and environmental improvement. Her range of experience across various sectors and her commitment to positive change make her an invaluable asset to the Aughdem Recruitment team as an Advisor for Local Government.

Favourite Food:

Buddha Bowl

Favourite Movie:

Gone with the Wind