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Steven Jones

Advisor, Indigenous Relations


Steven Jones, Advisor for Indigenous Relations at Aughdem Recruitment, is a dedicated professional hailing from the Shíshálh Nation. With over 15 years of experience in key executive roles within the transport industry across Canada, Steven’s industry knowledge, executive leadership, and deep-rooted connection to his Indigenous heritage bring an invaluable perspective to the team.

Throughout his career, Steven has led numerous projects, managed extensive teams, and spearheaded strategic initiatives within the transport sector. His wide-ranging experience and deep understanding of the industry’s landscape enable him to provide expert advice and insights on key matters.

As a member of the Shíshálh Nation, Steven possesses a profound understanding of Indigenous cultures and their interactions with various sectors, particularly in the corporate world. He leverages this knowledge in his role as Advisor for Indigenous Relations at Aughdem Recruitment, fostering respectful and mutually beneficial partnerships between corporate entities and Indigenous communities.

Steven is passionate about ensuring fair representation and inclusion of Indigenous peoples in all aspects of society, especially in the workforce. His work at Aughdem involves paving the way for more meaningful collaboration, opportunity creation, and understanding between the corporate world and Indigenous communities.

Steven Jone’s career is marked by his impactful leadership, his extensive industry experience, and his steadfast commitment to Indigenous relations. His expertise and dedication are critical to Aughdem Recruitment’s mission of promoting diversity and inclusion, making him a fundamental part of the team.

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