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Brandon Luu

Partner and Director of Accounts


Brandon Luu, Director of Accounts at Aughdem Recruitment, is an accomplished professional known for his adept management skills and marketing acumen. A graduate from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree majoring in Marketing, Brandon’s diverse career experiences have solidified his standing as a versatile business leader.

His professional journey took root in sports management and retail operations, specifically within the dynamic realm of tennis. This unique path allowed him to work with high-profile tournaments and develop a robust understanding of event management, strategic marketing, and operations.

From the tennis court to the world of medical sales, Brandon’s next career transition further broadened his skill set. His knack for establishing strong business relationships and driving sales success marked him as a formidable professional in this sector.

Brandon’s lifelong friendship and shared vision with Maz Artang, the Founder of Aughdem Recruitment, began on their first day at Simon Fraser University. This camaraderie eventually evolved into a professional partnership, with Brandon joining Aughdem as a Partner and Director of Accounts. In this pivotal role, Brandon oversees all financial and client relationship aspects of the business, ensuring fiscal responsibility and maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Brandon is actively involved in non-profit work, focused on supporting underprivileged children from marginalized communities. His commitment to making a difference in these young lives speaks to his character and his belief in giving back to the community.

Brandon Luu’s career is a testament to his diverse talents, his commitment to excellence in every role, and his dedication to community service. His journey from sports management to recruitment, along with his remarkable ability to foster and maintain strong business relationships, make him a truly invaluable asset to the Aughdem Recruitment team.

Sales Expertise:

Logistics, Marketing, Finance, Tech, Accounting and Pharmaceuticals.

Favourite Food:


Favourite Movie:

Fast and Furious.