How to Keep Your Job Search Confidential

How to Keep Your Job Search Confidential

Even if your current job isn’t what you had hoped for, you should always try to keep your job search confidential and be respectful to your current employer. After all, who knows when your dream job will appear? It’s always best to keep your position safe before making a move. Here are some tips on how to keep your job search private.

Don’t Tell Anyone

“Come on, tell me something I don’t know Maz”. Trust me, it’s always good to reaffirm the basics. Don’t tell anyone at work that you’re searching for a new job. Not your colleagues, not even those you consider friends and definitely don’t tell the gossip king/queen. That’s just begging to be caught.

Don’t Use Your Work Email

If you’re applying for a new job or communicating with a recruiter, don’t use your work email. This is a sure way to blow your cover. In many companies, incoming emails are routinely scanned. In other words, employers can see if you’ve been applying elsewhere. Also, many job sites send spam, all of which will head to your employer’s network. Not good.

Don’t Make Social Media Posts

Facebook and Twitter rants complaining about your dissatisfaction with your job does not look good. It’s also very unprofessional potentially turning off prospective employers. Practically all employers search your social media profile before hiring you. LinkedIn is usually public so anyone, including your colleagues and boss, can see what you’re posting.

Don’t Search on Company Computers

Cleaning your history on work computers won’t cover your steps. Technicians constantly monitor traffic and have access to your browsing history, regardless of whether you’ve deleted your history or used a private browser. On top of that, searching for a new job on a company computer is grounds for disciplinary action, not an easy thing to explain at your next interview.

Never Allow a Recruiter to Submit Your Application for a Position Without Knowing the Company

I’m shocked at how many recruiters still to this. This is a giant red flag. Never, I repeat, never allow a recruiter to forward your resume for a position without knowing the company. Doing this ensures your resume doesn’t find its way back to your current employer. Avoid working with recruitment agencies that do this.

Good luck on your search!

Maz Artang is the founder of Aughdem Recruitment. When he’s not helping people find the perfect career opportunity, you’ll find him travelling the globe or catching the latest flick at the theatre. He can be reached at