CEO Weekly: How Shortening Your Companies Interview Process Can Drastically Improve Your Organizations Job Search Outcome

CEO Weekly: How Shortening Your Companies Interview Process Can Drastically Improve Your Organizations Job Search Outcome

Aughdem Recruitment is a North American recruitment and executive search firm. The organization offers valuable alignment through advisory & various talent resources for private/public sector companies. With a mission of offering hands-on recruiting services for growing companies, The organization has been able to successfully advise further job search advancement for companies of all sizes. Due to the organization’s insight, Founder – Maz Artang wants to share three ways that your company can be more efficient in job candidate selection & also tips on how to stay competitive in today’s labor market. 

Keep Your Interview Length Down To Two Meaningful Meetings

For all of the business owners out there, Maz Artang wants you to know one thing — shorten the length of your interview process. Furthermore, Artang went on to say “You should limit your interview process to no more than 2 meetings & make sure that any relevant decision makers are there during the interview process.” Aughdem also recommends that your company limits the number of people at the roundtable for each in person interview. The reason being, is that with more organization members present too many opinions can also be a detriment — A solution to this is simple, only have your key players involved. 

Have A Job Offer Letter Ready Before You Hire

Have you ever had a viable qualified candidate on the line & lost him at the first disclosure of the Job Offering? Maz recommends that in order to succeed at winning over talent in today’s competitive labor market, disclose your Job Offer during your first meeting with each potential candidate. With each day during the interview process where the job offer hasn’t been disclosed is simply wasted time. In a competitive market such as today — getting real with a candidate is a must to get the talent your company needs to succeed. Artang also went on to mention that an employer should always issue an offer that is exactly what was originally advertised or discussed, more specifically never make any last minute changes!

Staying Competitive In Today’s Raging Demand For Labor 

The room for error in today’s labor market is thin, running a tight hiring process that covers the basics & entails recommendations from advisory firms such as Aughdem Recruitment is an essential must to succeed. The same focus organizations have toward top and bottom line results within an organization needs to have a similar importance for a company’s hiring process. When vetting potential advisory to tighten your job search results, Artang recommends that the firm retained offers a hands on approach. The reason being is all businesses have different needs & or internal issues — & more specifically that there simply isn’t a one size fits all solution.

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