Follow Up for Sure!

Follow Up for Sure!

The interview is over and you feel it was a success. You’re almost there! Following up on an interview is important for a number of reasons. Here are some helpful tips!

Ask About the Next Steps

Interviews almost always end with a chance to ask questions about the company, details of the role, or any other aspects pertaining to the potential job. This is the perfect point to begin your follow up. One great way to show you’re serious about the job is to ask about the timeline of when decisions will be made. Don’t sound too demanding or presumptive when asking for details, but make sure you ask as it speaks volumes about your eagerness to land the role.

Ask for a Business Card

Another great way to get ahead of the crowd is to ask for the interviewer’s business card at the end of your interview. You can make clear you intend to contact them in the future and asking for a business card gives you the means to do so. It’s also a direct way to show your confidence. On top of this, everyone likes being asked for their card. It’s a boost to the ego for the interviewer and can only work in your favour.

Thank You Email

Immediately sending a polite email to express your gratitude for the interview can show the prospective employer your desire for the role and that you are a courteous, communicative, and professional. It’s a quick and efficient way to make you stand out. The thank you email can also be a good moment to briefly restate some of your key interview points. Include information you believe to be particularly valid for the job but remember to keep it brief, you’re not writing an essay here!


Often with senior positions, there are a lot of interviewees. Checking in via email with the interviewer periodically is a great follow up tactic to keep you in their minds. There is always the danger of being lost in the cluster of candidates, so a helpful reminder that you’re still available and interested is certainly worthwhile.

Connect on LinkedIn

In this digital age, a LinkedIn profile is a must. Make the most of your online presence by connecting with your potential employer via the professional website. LinkedIn has the benefit of acting like a well-formatted, reliable and up-to-date resume. Employers have the chance to read over your experience and skills for the second time, hopefully sparking their interest in you. Your LinkedIn network also offers an insight into your past experiences and the value you may bring to their company.

Best of luck!

Maz Artang is the founder of Aughdem Recruitment. When he’s not helping people find the perfect career opportunity, you’ll find him travelling the globe or catching the latest flick at the theatre. He can be reached via email at