How to Impress Your Boss

How to Impress Your Boss

Whether you’re new to a job, looking for a promotion or simply want to shine, it’s never a bad idea to impress your boss. That said, standing out from the crowd can be easier said than done. Here are 5 tips to help.

Do Your Job…Properly

Now this might sound like a redundant suggestion. You’re already working the floor, sitting at your desk and putting in the hours. But biding your time until you can run out the door at 5pm sharp isn’t going to caste you in the best light. Instead, push yourself to provide great service to your boss and colleagues; be someone your boss is happy to pay. Make sure you have good grasp of all the requirements of your job. If you get the impression that your boss is silently questioning your ability to complete small tasks then you’re on thin ice. Hit deadlines. Arrive to work on time. Look interested! Easy enough to do, but so many people fail to do them.

Organize Events

Events outside of work can be tricky. Nothing will please everyone, but if you organize a fun activity that people wouldn’t usually do – for example escape rooms or rock climbing – then the chances of getting everyone on board will be higher. Getting to know colleagues will improve everyone’s day at work, and will be a definite help to your boss. Your ability to organize and your positive, proactive attitude are sure to be looked upon well.

Say Yes, More

Don’t have the reputation of being a grumpy naysayer. Sure, not everything at work is fun and interesting, but if your default answer is “no” to everything, then don’t be surprised if your boss doesn’t give you much responsibility. So next time there’s a task to be done and you’re asked to do it, say yes. Better yet, offer to take on tasks that you know you can do. You can always ask for a few tips if it’s something new to you. Remember: your boss will prefer that you ask questions and get it right then say nothing and get it wrong.

Know When to Say No

If you’re asked to do something completely outside of your experience and knowledge and you think you’ll really struggle then say no. Maybe you’re currently overworked and haven’t got the time to spend on additional responsibilities. Explain your reasons and don’t be rude. If there’s one thing worse than someone who says no to everything it’s a person who says yes and doesn’t deliver. Make sure you don’t back pedal on a job you’ve agreed to doing.

Dress the Part

This final tip should be obvious enough, but make sure you dress the part. No boss will will feel comfortable promoting or introducing a slob to a potential client. Smell good but look better.

Maz Artang is the founder of Aughdem Recruitment. When he’s not helping people find the perfect career opportunity, you’ll find him traveling the globe or catching the latest flick at the local theatre. He can be reached at