4 Ways To Make Your Resume Shine

4 Ways To Make Your Resume Shine

A great resume is a gateway to a new job opportunity. It is your first introduction to a recruiter or potential employer, and what you put on your resume will determine whether you get called for an interview. If you are applying for work, but not getting interviews, this is your indicator that your resume needs a revisions.

I recently worked with a client whose resume was not getting responses from employers. After six months of job search, she was completely demoralized. We rewrote her resume to highlight the marketable skills and experience she could offer. She started applying with her new resume and quickly got several interviews. Within a few weeks, she accepted a job offer!

This speaks to the power of a good resume.  My client already had exceptional skills and experience, the key to her success was creating a resume that made those skills and experience stand out.

Here are four ways that you can ensure that your resume gets noticed, too!

Target Your Resume to The Job

Write your resume in a way that focuses on the job you are applying to.  Beyond listing your work history, you need to show you have what it takes to do the job the employer has posted for.  Your resume does not have to be a complete list of everything you have done. Make sure that everything on the resume is there for a purpose.

Use job postings to build a targeted resume.  Look at a few job postings you want to apply to. What are the top 2 – 3 experience, skills, or qualifications that employers are looking for?  How do you match? Then ask yourself, “How can I best show this on my resume?” 

Focus on Accomplishments over Job Duties

Most job seekers use their resume as a way to list their past job duties, similar to a job description. Instead use the valuable space on your resume to highlight the ways that you have contributed and added value in the past!  Your resume needs to share your stories of success.

For each of your jobs, ask yourself, “What did I do, how did I do it, and what was the result?” Look for ways to add numbers, percentages, and stories to show outcomes. You may not think you have accomplishments to share, but you do!

Ensure Resume Readability

Hiring managers and recruiters scan your resume within 10 – 30 seconds, which is a short time to make a good impression! Readability is key here. Design and format your resume to ensure information appears organized and tidy. You want to make it easy for someone to get the information they need. Use clear headings and an easy-to-read, modern font such as Calibri, Cambria, Verdana, or Garamond.

Fill in The Gaps

If you have a timeline gap on your resume, you are not alone. Many job seekers have taken time out of the workforce. But be aware that this gap may cause a red flag for a potential employer or recruiter.  If your time off extended beyond 6 months, find ways to speak to this gap. It may not be appropriate to share the true reason you were off such as illness or unemployment. But you can show that you were still engaged in your career during this time off. You can mention any courses, volunteer work, or travelling that you did during this period.

Don’t miss out on interview opportunities! By applying these principles of resume development, you can ensure that your resume also stands out.

Kristin Vandegriend loves crafting exceptional resumes!  Her company, Career Story, has helped many job seekers find work. When she is not writing resumes, she is hiking, watching Survivor, or attempting to improve her culinary skills. You can reach her at kristin@careerstory.ca