Company Bio

Lunch Lady, a franchise inspired by the renowned restaurant in Vietnam, brings the essence of Vietnamese street food to the Pacific Northwest. Originally founded by Nguyen Thi Thanh, widely known as the “Lunch Lady” in Saigon, the franchise has evolved under the culinary direction of Chef Benedict Lim. Together, they blend traditional Vietnamese recipes with the best local ingredients, creating a unique menu that features dishes like banh canh cua and pork salad rolls.

At Lunch Lady, each meal is a celebration of Vietnamese culture, offered in a setting that captures the vibrant energy of Saigon’s street markets, yet with a refined, accessible ambiance. The restaurant is praised for its innovative approach to Vietnamese cuisine, consistently delivering a delightful dining experience. It has garnered attention from both food lovers and critics alike, adding a modern twist to authentic flavors.

The franchise also emphasizes community engagement and cultural exchange. Each location is more than just a restaurant; it’s a cultural hub where guests can enjoy genuine Vietnamese dishes while experiencing the warmth and hospitality typical of Vietnamese traditions.

As it expands, Lunch Lady continues to focus on sustainability and community involvement, ensuring that their growth also benefits the local communities they serve. This commitment to cultural authenticity and community engagement makes Lunch Lady a distinguished name in the culinary world, providing not just meals, but memorable experiences to all who visit.