Company Bio

Granville Group is a prestigious owner-operator of high-end liquor stores based in the vibrant city of Vancouver. Established as a premier destination for exquisite spirits, wines, and beers, Granville Group boasts one of the country’s most extensive selections of boutique offerings. From meticulously curated spirits to boutique wines and craft beers, their stores house a diverse range that caters to the sophisticated palate of their discerning clientele. Granville Group’s unwavering commitment to excellence and their extensive knowledge of the liquor industry sets them apart, helping them to operate one of the busiest liquor stores in the country. Whether you are a connoisseur seeking a rare vintage or a casual drinker looking for a unique brew, Granville Group provides a unique shopping experience in an upscale and welcoming environment. With an impressive array of high-quality products and unmatched customer service, Granville Group has firmly established itself as a beacon of premium liquor retail in Vancouver.