Company Bio

White Spot is a proud and historic Canadian restaurant chain, renowned for its burgers and signature burger sauce. Founded in 1928 by the famous American-born Canadian restaurateur Nat Bailey, the restaurant quickly gained popularity and a reputation for its delicious offerings. The name “White Spot” was chosen to reflect the clean and spotless image that the founder wanted to convey, and the ingredients in the signature burger sauce remain a closely guarded secret to this day. With over 120 locations in Canada and Asia, White Spot is the longest-running restaurant chain in the country and generates over 200 million in gross revenue, demonstrating its continued success and popularity among customers. White Spot is known for its commitment to quality and fresh ingredients, and its menu has expanded to include a variety of dishes beyond its iconic burgers. Over the years, White Spot has become a beloved brand and a staple of the Canadian dining scene, known for its delicious food, friendly service, and unique atmosphere.