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As a leading venue and event management organization, PavCo is committed to providing top-notch facilities and services to its customers. With its experienced and knowledgeable staff, PavCo ensures that every event, be it large or small, is executed flawlessly. The corporation also recognizes the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen and is dedicated to sustainability, community engagement and economic growth. Whether it’s hosting major international events or supporting local initiatives, PavCo plays a significant role in driving economic development in British Columbia and delivering value to its stakeholders. In addition to its world-class facilities, PavCo is known for its innovation and commitment to excellence. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the corporation continuously invests in new technology and upgrades its facilities to meet the evolving needs of its customers. PavCo’s goal is to provide an exceptional event experience for all visitors and guests, and to create a lasting impact on the communities it serves. Whether it’s a concert, a trade show, or a major international conference, PavCo is dedicated to providing its customers with the resources and support they need to make their events a success. By leveraging its expertise and experience, PavCo continues to be a leader in the event management industry, delivering value to its customers and contributing to the overall prosperity of British Columbia.