Company Bio

Hub Climbing is a premier rock climbing facility headquartered in Mississauga and Markham, Canada. Renowned for its remarkable climbing experiences, the company’s dedication lies in presenting kids and families with unforgettable climbing adventures. Hub Climbing’s welcoming and inclusive environment caters to climbers of all backgrounds and proficiency levels, enhancing the community spirit of their climbing facilities. The Mississauga location is the crown jewel in Hub Climbing’s offering, hosting the largest indoor rock-climbing park in Canada. This monumental site establishes Hub Climbing as a unique and exhilarating destination for climbers seeking a thrilling challenge. The Markham facility also impresses with its expansive bouldering and autobelay areas, spanning approximately 20,000 square feet of floor space. As a progressive company, Hub Climbing consistently seeks growth opportunities, aspiring to expand their business and welcome passionate individuals who align with their values and ethos. Hub Climbing is firmly anchored by principles of respect and kindness, striving to reflect these values in their interactions with team members, customers, and the wider community.

Hub Climbing’s facilities in Markham and Mississauga house vibrant communities of members who consider Hub their “happy place.” With members ranging from novice to expert climbers, Hub cultivates a diverse and inclusive space where individuals can challenge themselves, forge friendships, and have fun. The company also prides itself on being a welcoming environment for non-climbers, attracting many first-timers during weekends to try their hand at climbing. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that everyone, regardless of their climbing proficiency, feels comfortable and inspired. True to its innovative spirit, Hub Climbing is a trailblazer in the rock-climbing industry. The company takes pride in being the first in their regions to mainstream the use of downclimb holds, extra padding for bouldering, and over 100 autobelay systems. They were also the first to introduce speed walls and a high ball bouldering challenge, and have recently implemented many innovations for autobelay safety. This unwavering commitment to innovation makes climbing more accessible and appealing to mainstream audiences, solidifying Hub Climbing’s position as a leading light in the climbing community.