Company Bio

Headwaters Strategy Group is a cutting-edge government relations firm based in Canada, expertly established by the well-accomplished Canadian entrepreneur, Stewart Muir. Guided by Stewart’s visionary leadership, Headwaters is dedicated to shaping the future of government-industry relationships through innovative and results-driven strategies. Headwaters Strategy Group is adept in navigating the intricate relationship between government, industry, and society, extending its consultancy services in both English and French. From start-ups keen to make their mark in the business landscape to established public corporations exceeding $10B in market cap, Headwaters is a trusted ally in fostering meaningful and effective relationships with the government. With a foundational belief in the power of sustainable practices and equitable societal growth, Headwaters Strategy Group is redefining the narrative of government relations in the corporate world. Steadfast in its mission, the group is passionately paving the way for a more resilient, collaborative, and environmentally-sound future in Canadian industry-government relations.